Tysen is dressed very skimpy for a masseuse. Her client thought the same and got a boner the second he laid eyes on her. Her panties were crotchless so he could see her punani right away. She didn't do much rubbing before they got it on, she pulled out his big schlong and sucked it like a mofo before she mounted it and rode it like mad. He finished her off with some hard missionary pounding.
























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From the episode Panties Off.


The girls arrive at the club in a fancy limo. They flashed their tits in the car and continued to flash various body parts in the club. Then Tysen and a couple of other hot chicks got completely naked and hooked up with the horny boys. They sucked their dicks in the middle of the nightclub and had sex all around the place! Seemed like a great night out!





































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5 minute long interracial video!



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Tysen was out for a walk when some horny black dude spotted her. He went up to her and did some sweet talking which resulted in him leaving the scene with her hand in hand. He told her he had a huge shclong so when back at his apartment she of course wanted to inspect his crotch. She got his black snake out in the open and gave it a good suck before she rode it like mad.






























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3,5 minute long video!



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Just some sexy softcore pictures from Teenfidelity. I really love those hotpants she's wearing, it makes her butt look fabulous!











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